EASP Scholars

Allison Campbell

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in Art History University of Oklahoma

Graduate degree (if applicable): MLIS University of Oklahoma (2016)

Research interests: Community Archives, Human Computer Interaction, Contemporary Visual and Performing Arts, Community Spaces, Preservation of Digital and New Media, and Social Movements Past and Present

My interests in interdisciplinary collaborations, bridging the fields of art, technology, politics, and documentation allow me to engage with a wide array of people. My research intends to gather data on developing social movements and the people and places from which they emerge; this connects me with artists, writers, archivists, librarians, and community organizers, among others. As archivists, we know that relationship-building is a way to create a lasting impact, and AERI is an environment for expanding my network of friends and colleagues in the archival discipline. As excited as I am to engage in a discourse about contemporary archival practice, I come to listen to the experts and emerging scholars in the field.

JoyEllen Freeman

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia (August 2012)

Graduate degree: Master of Archival Studies from Clayton State University (December 2016)

Research interests: My research interests include the use of archives in K-12 education, community archives, and African American archives.

I attended the 2014 AERI conference as an EASP scholar, and it was one of my most exhilarating academic experiences yet. I enjoyed learning from an international group of scholars with diverse research interests and who all shared a passion for archival studies, theory, and research. Last year, I came away from AERI both encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my research interests through my graduate program. This year, my goal is to initiate more discussions with fellow colleagues about my current research efforts in the hopes of gaining further insight into my academic interests. I also hope to gain a better understanding of how to apply for and navigate a doctoral program in archival studies. Lastly, I am ready to reconnect with an amazing group of individuals who made me feel so welcomed in Pittsburgh last year.

Joyce Gabiola

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Houston

Graduate degree (if applicable): MSLIS Archives Management (Expected May


Research interests: I am interested in examining social justice issues in LIS professions and core graduate curricula, including a special interest in identity (race, gender, sexuality) and intersectionality, and their impact on information literacy and access, pedagogy, outreach, service, collections, preservation, etc. In addition to exploring the documentation, preservation and collective memory of marginalized or underrepresented communities, I have a particular interest in unearthing and preserving the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex Asian Pacific Americans, along with their families and communities, in the South.

Attending AERI as an Emerging Archival Scholar is a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with practitioners, educators and fellow students regarding the archives profession and archival education. Through this experience, I am hoping to gain not only a clearer perspective regarding the pursuit of a Ph.D. in archival studies, but also knowledge that will enhance my graduate education in archives management and eventually help to inform my goals of ensuring a diverse archival representation in practice, engaging and building relationships with underrepresented communities, advancing social justice in and out of LIS, and fostering a safe and empowered environment for scholarship.

Javier Sepúlveda Garibay

Undergraduate degree(s): B.A. Politics, B.A. Latin American and Latino Studies

Graduate degree (if applicable): MLIS with archival science specialization from UCLA

Research interests: I am primarily interested in the development of community-based archives for immigrant and indigenous communities. I have begun the creation of a community-archive in Oxnard, California with the Mixteco population with the assistance of a grassroots organization called the Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP).

Through AERI, I hope to meet other scholars and professionals who could assist me, in theory and practice, in further developing and expanding projects like this in other parts of California, and provide for me insight in continuing my education in archival studies.

Talía Guzmán-González

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in Latin American Studies, University of Puerto Rico

Graduate degree (if applicable): PhD in Brazilian Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison; MLS University of Maryland-College Park (Expected in May 2016)

Research interests: Archives and human rights, community archives, archives as space of memory building, underrepresented groups in the archives (as users, archivists, and material presence), academic librarianship, Brazilian studies.

At AERI I hope to learn more about the archival field from an academic and professional perspective, and discuss new theoretical trends in the field and their practical day-to-day applications in archives in the US and abroad. I’m also interested in exploring the intersections between libraries (special collections) and archives and how a more symbiotic relationship between both can secure their continued relevance for users.

Bergis Jules

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in African American and African Studies from Earlham College

Graduate degree (if applicable): MLS with Specialization in Archives and Records Management, MA in African American and African Diaspora Studies – both from Indiana University

Research interests: Community Archives, Archiving Communities of Color in Digital Spaces, Social Media Archives 

I’m looking forward to this great opportunity to learn from established faculty and emerging scholars. For someone considering pursuing a PhD, this is a rare opportunity to network with a large group of like-minded individuals in your field and also in a setting that is designed to support emerging archival scholars. I think the most important benefit of attending AERI will be the opportunity to be in the same room and to engage in discussions with people who are doing creative and intellectually engaging work around the study of archives.

Julia Kim

Undergraduate degree(s):  BA in Religious Studies from Columbia University, minor in Visual Arts.

Graduate degree (if applicable): Masters in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, incomplete Masters in Library and Information Science at the Palmer School.

Research interests: audiovisual time-based media, complex media

I’m thrilled to meet the AERI community as a first-time attendee and EA Scholar. Attending AERI will give me the opportunity to meet scholars and learn about new research in the field. I’m particularly interested in the areas of born-digital archives, complex media, and participatory archives.  This was of particular focus this past year during my National Digital Stewardship Residency at NYU Libraries this.

Harvey Long

Undergraduate degree(s): B.A. in English from Winston-Salem State University

Graduate degree: M.A. in Library and Information Studies (expected 2016)

Research interests: African American history, oral history, community outreach and Archives

In addition to being exposed to innovative archival research, I am hoping to learn more about doctoral programs in the Library and Information profession

Shavonn Matsuda

Undergraduate degrees: BA in Political Science, BA in Hawaiian Studies from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Graduate degree: Working on MLISc from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Research interests: digital archives; information services for indigenous communities; access and knowledge organization systems

Attending AERI will provide me the opportunity to learn from and network with archival studies scholars beyond Hawai‘i. As an EA Scholar, I am eager to learn about current research and trends as well as to share and get feedback on my own research. I am also hoping to participate in discussions and potential projects that involve envisioning the future of archives.

Hannivett Nabahe

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in English from Brigham Young University

Graduate degree (if applicable):

Pursuing an MLIS degree and graduate certificates in Archives and Digital Information Management from the University of Arizona

Research interests: Digital access and preservation of archives with a special focus on underrepresented communities and indigenous languages, as well as related intellectual property and copyright issues.

It is my hope that the Emerging Archival Scholars Program will facilitate the building of relationships that will allow me to reach out to colleagues for future collaboration in projects of outreach using digital technologies, on ways to optimize catalogs and repositories with both researchers and the general public in mind, and on how to best fit the needs of underrepresented communities as we reclaim a place for our voices in the global archive.

Jane Nelson

Undergraduate degree(s): BA in Art History from the University of Colorado

Graduate degree (if applicable): Currently working on my MLIS

Research interests:  The divide between the “fetish of the object” and digital materials, archivists as project managers, the accountability of archival work, and the Japanese archives system.

I am hoping to gain more in depth insight into the current trends and motivations of archival research across the world. While journals support my “habit” for information with articles that have already been peer-reviewed and published, I am more interested in what will be and where we are headed. Also, I think it will be a great experience to meet other people that are passionate about similar things in a world where many of my local peers are confounded by my career path. Overall, I hope to gain new avenues for knowledge and connections by attending AERI as an EA Scholar. 

Amy Wickner

Undergraduate degree(s): AB in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University

Research interests:  Archival qualities of born-digital preservation; community archives; archives-building in digital humanities; preserving born-digital news; design data curation

I’m looking forward to learning from my peers (EA Scholars) and from the many students presenting at AERI. While the MLS curriculum offers access to the work of established and recognized voices in the classroom, AERI is an opportunity to learn how ongoing student research extends, enhances, and critiques that body of work.